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OggSync for Outlook: Google Calendar Sync Add-in 3.19

OggSync for Outlook: Google Calendar Sync Add-in 3.19: Microsoft Outlook Add-in to sync Multiple Google Calendars to Multiple Outloooks Introducing the brand new OggSync Google Calendar Sync for Outlook to sync Multiple Google Calendars Now you can take charge of ALL aspects of your life while at the same time keeping them separate! Combined with the power of Google Calendar, OggSync for Outlook and OggSync for Mobile allows you to share information with those who need to see it while at the same time giving you a full unified view of your scheduled life!

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Merlin`s MTTimeTracker for Smartphones 1.9.6

TimeTracker for the Smartphone, a .NET time and expense tracking application designed for the .NET Compact Framework. Professionals who need accurate time tracking for accounting and billing purposes must have a convenient and reliable way to capture that time as it occurs and be able to process that time to a format suitable for billing the client. Smart devices such as Pocket PCs and SmartPhones are the perfect platform for host a robust solution

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Time Aware 2007 1.0: Manage your hours with this intuitive, easy-to-use application!
Time Aware 2007 1.0

Time Aware 2007 is an easy-to-use personal time tracking tool for anyone who uses a computer. It is an ideal tool for improving your productivity and keeping control of your working time. This way you will observe and improve your style of working. Time Aware 2007 will track each one of your working tasks and automatically record your working time and generate statistics with a click. Features of Time Aware 2007 include: creating and managing tasks

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PC Property Manager 2.1.4

keeping system. Imagine having a system that easily handles all your property management issues, leaving you in control and stress free. What a difference PC Property manager makes when completing tax returns or keeping track of financial and other records. PC Property Manager helps you to be more professional and profitable while saving you time. Save time ·Simple financial recording ·Plain English Ledger Accounts ·One keystroke property or ledger

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Fantasy Baseball Agent 2.0

Time Keeping up to date with all the news concerning your players can be time consuming. Being the first to know when something important happens is a tremendous advantage, so keeping up to date with the latest news is a must. Fantasy Baseball Agent can significantly reduce the time you need to spend to stay informed. Important information is collected for you, and delivered to you in real time, so you don`t have to spend hours every day keeping

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Time Clock by Rent Works Plus 01

Time Clock by Rent Works Plus automatically calculates hours and wages. It help businesses save time and money by eliminating the need to have an employee calculate hours and wages from punchcards. Business resorce planning by keeping track of hours and wages throughout the pay period can help cut down on unnessary overtime. Time is tracked riht down to the minute and is roundes to the nearest quarter hour at the end of a pay period. Employees are

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Screen Anytime 4.0: Record windows session of anyone at anytime for future replay
Screen Anytime 4.0

Screen Anytime is a set of software recording onscreen computer operations into video log files for surveillance provides a continuous, stable and long-term keeping solution for screen logging.And those logs are well sorted by time line, terminals and users, supporting keyword searching and tag on application title.Centralized management and real-time, remote screen monitoring are also supported in Screen Anytime.

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